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  OxyDev Network aims to build a cross-chain and cross-platform content value asset network, based on BaaS,Visual open cloud platform, API & SDK, smart contract group, hybrid Oracle engine and other technologies, through the use of The power of Polkadot SubstateFramework on the open network provides global users/creators with integrated subscription management services, Content copyright confirmation, content digital asset distribution (STO-NFT), content creation incentives, advertising incentives and other services.

Oxydev values

Ease of use: Visualize and modularize the core protocol group for the complete content and assets, and the components that cope with the service, so that business needs Developers and developers no longer need to care about the specific implementation details of blockchain technology. They only need to pay attention to their own business logic. By calling the module/protocol in the same way, it can realize the functions required by its business and deploy it in its own dAPP, business side chain or On OxyDev Chain, direct, simple and efficient connection and interactive collaboration are realized. Based on the OxyDev network protocol, different items Projects can design their own economic incentive model

Cross chain: OxyDev itself is a multi-chain system, which provides cross-chain connection with other parallel chains by connecting to the Polkadot relay chain. operating. At the same time, the platform itself provides an intelligent cross-chain protocol, cross-chain GATEWAY, and uses OxyDev’s “intelligent cross-chain contract network”. "Related", using a general smart contract agreement to complete the cross-chain interoperability between the major public chains, which can be realized with other major public chains, such as: ETH, TRON, EOS, NEO, ONT, etc. complete cross-chain data exchange and asset circulation.

Low deployment cost: Compared with huge funds to bid for Polkadot’s parachain slots, smart contracts based on OxyDev also only require A small amount of OxyDev platform tokens can deploy a complex DAPP and at the same time use the parachain cross-chain provided by OxyDev operating. After the smart contract application gains a large number of users on the chain, the contract application can also be upgraded online and transformed into an independent Polkadot Parachain designs its own complex parachain functions and consensus model.

Authenticity of data: By creating a hybrid Oracle engine as a pre-oracle network, it is used to verify real data and intellectual property rights Verification, market real transaction prices, copyright certification, etc., so as to record true and credible data and provide credible and safe Data results, so that the smart contract can correctly complete the contract execution, to meet the decentralized business scenario.

Action incentives: Create a decentralized content value pricing model, content value evaluation model, and content promotion incentives with O-UGC The model and democratic governance model greatly increase the natural and invisible content creators to release more high-quality original content, and at the same time In order to encourage users to find good content, make fair and objective forecast prices for all kinds of content, and recommend good content at a cost. In the end, we will discover and promote high-quality content, gain the benefits of high-quality content distribution in the process, and form a good currency to drive out bad currency. A good ecology has increased the creative enthusiasm of content creators and the quality of content, and promoters can also obtain the corresponding promotion of good content. For the benefits.

User friendly: Users/creators can quickly and conveniently enjoy and manage their own subscriptions through the protocol and application tools of the OxyDev network. Reading projects, publishing content to obtain incentives, copyright registration and confirmation, content digital assets, promotion and obtaining advertising revenue and other services.

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