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Kamarul Zamri

Kamarul Zamri

founder & ceo

  Graduated from the Computer Department of Imperial College London and is a block chain technology expert. In 2016, he took the lead in proposing the most advanced concepts of digital wallet and cross-chain asset. In 2017, he joined the Tendermint team and was responsible for cross-chain interoperability of IBC and development of Cosmos SDK. In 2019, he formally joined technical development of Kusama network canary-net. Zam will continue to give full play to his years of experience in market operation and technology development, lead the OxyDev technical team to achieve technical goals, and lead the development direction of the OxyDev project.

Ahmed Salim


  Chief technology Officer&Developer of OxyDev Pte. Ltd Global foreign exchange trading and technology implementation consultant expert, with more than ten years of financial market experience, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in financial management, and has provided a variety of financial services for Citigroup, Barclays Bank and other multinational banks. In 2014, he began to pay attention to and participate in the digital currency market, familiar with various capital operation methods and techniques, and good at macroeconomic research and techniques such as currency circulation and economic cycles.

Sepull lami


  Chief financial officer of OxyDev Pte. Ltd Senior blockchain practitioners, cryptography experts, more than 5 years of blockchain development experience, familiar with various blockchain underlying protocols and architecture technologies, and have created special-purpose encryption algorithms that can integrate any blockchain technology and consensus Combining algorithms, having unique insights on algorithms, encryption methods, and signature methods, and familiar with the logic of blockchain products, can lead the team to build the next generation of blockchain technology.

Hardy Esner


    Team coordinator and developer of OxyDev Pte. Ltd Tarteen graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in computer science. He once served as the core technology research and development of Hyperledger, and was responsible for the architecture of Hyperledger and the implementation of enterprise-level service technology modules. Contract development. Tarteen is responsible for the delivery and implementation of OxyDev's technical engineering and product sections.

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